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Alumni Spotlight: Claire Dawkins

Grove City College prepares its students for life after college well. Claire Dawkins graduated from the College in 2019 with a degree in Communication Studies and a Professional Writing concentration. Let us take a look at how Grove City College prepared Claire for her life post-graduation!

What did you study at Grove City and why did you choose to study it?

I was accepted into Grove City as a Middle Level Education Math and English Major. The education fields were great, and I loved getting to know the students I worked with, but I did not love being in a classroom. With the help and counsel of the Career Services Office, I changed my major! I graduated with a Communication major with a Professional Writing concentration.

What is one thing you wish you did differently during your time at the Grove?

During my junior year, I remember being incredibly stressed over a particular paper. I stayed up all night, and at 4 a.m., I finally called it quits and asked my professor for an extension. He granted me the extension with one piece of advice: Perfection is the enemy of good. In my four years at Grove City, I would have saved myself a lot of time and tears if I had known that truth. I would have done things a lot differently!

How did Grove City College prepare you for the “real world”?

With the flexibility of my major, I learned about myself through my studies. The Communication and Visual Arts Department provides classes on a wide variety of subject matter. I was disinterested in some classes and enthralled by others! Through that experience, I was able to discern what I wanted to learn more about as I chose a career path.

What is your favorite memory from college?

There are too many wonderful memories I could name! I loved coffee dates with friends, finding new quiet spots around campus, and taking walks around Grove City chatting with people. Some of my sweetest memories were throughout all four years when I was with my friends, and we were all brain-dead. We would watch a movie or grab a dessert from the SAC (student activity center), and we just would spend time together resting and relaxing – enjoying the years that fly by and being with each other.

I hope after reading some of Claire’s experience from the College, you are encouraged. Claire provides just a small glimpse into many success stories of Grove City students post-graduation. Grove City College prepares its students well. The College, regardless of your major, provides excellent resources and education to its students to prepare them for life after school. Do not fear, an education from Grove City will prepare you for the real world. Whether you choose to do something related to your major or not, you will be one of the hardest working employees and well-rounded people because of your time at Grove City College.


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