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What College Means to Me: The Series – Joey Astrab

High school concludes and the next step is seemingly college for many, although not the case for everybody. Some might be forced into this next step, some may choose this next step, some may see no other option, if the future is to hold what they have in store. Senior management major Joey Astrab certainly saw the advantages in going to college in order to get a good job, but also saw college as an experience he did not want to miss. “A little bit of everything” – a necessary next step, a means to an end, and an experience that leads into the next stage of life – is Joey’s idea of college.

It comes as no surprise that Joey’s idea of college is “a little bit of everything,” because Joey does “a little bit of everything” as well. A college athlete, a Beta Sigma fraternity brother, a member of the homecoming committee, a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAC), and a management major student at Grove City College, Joey set expectations for himself prior to coming to college that have benefited him well. Joey said his expectations were set for him, in a way, which were to “get good grades, get involved, stay on top of things, and learn as much as I can,” while also “making new friends and finding out what I want to do with my life.” While Joey set high expectations for himself to do his best in all he was involved in, he recognized that life is not all about school, and there is value in not making college all about school. His biggest piece of advice to any incoming college student was to “make the most of your experience and don’t make your life about school… Get involved in things outside of school. It’ll give you a mental break, distract you from school, and teaches you skills you can’t learn in the classroom.”

Although it makes sense to step into college expecting that it will lead to finding a vocation, college does not necessarily just hand you the future. While it is common for some people to have a grasp on their future plans, it is not particularly common for everybody to have that grasp… even as a senior in college. Joey is actively becoming closer to future plans, but has nothing solidified and is open to finding anything that he enjoys doing. It is not just about money for Joey. What college has provided Joey with is this: the knowledge necessary to pursue many careers, interpersonal skills, lifelong friends, and memories worth a lifetime.

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