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What College Means to Me: The Series – Rachel Goetz

The transition from high school into freshman year of college has the natural potential to be challenging in many ways. For freshmen in 2020-21, the pandemic certainly contributed to the challenges, but could it have been possible that the pandemic might have actually added to students’ college experiences as well? For Rachel Goetz, a sophomore […]


What College Means to Me: The Series – Joey Astrab

High school concludes and the next step is seemingly college for many, although not the case for everybody. Some might be forced into this next step, some may choose this next step, some may see no other option, if the future is to hold what they have in store. Senior management major Joey Astrab certainly […]


What College Means to Me: The Series – Addie Slate

Some people see college as a new beginning, a chance to step into the next stage of life and grasp independency. For some, though, college is a chance to take control of where they were and did not want to be in the future… a preventative measure, one might say. Addie Slate, a senior double-major […]


What College Means to Me: The Series – Bailey Mantzell

College – “the best four years of your life.” Sound familiar? While college is rightfully not for everyone, those who choose to go to college typically go with expectations of what is to come – rigorous or easy classes, Greek life, campus events, activities to do in the surrounding area, clubs to get involved in, […]

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