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Planning a Campus-Wide Event

Living as a student at Grove City College, there is certainly no shortage of campus activities to attend. From sports events, to the performing arts, to guest speakers, it is hard to go a week without seeing advertisements for some sort of event.

One thing that is fun about going to Grove City is the ability to host large, campus-wide events as students. While most of the of events listed above need to be planned by large organizations on campus, there are still many other large events on campus that students get together to organize and facilitate. Some of these, to name a few, are campus-wide dances, cookouts, and game nights.

This year, I got the chance to help my fraternity organize a campus-wide Spikeball tournament. Because we threw the same event last year, it was not too difficult to get approval from the school. We submitted a request form to reserve the soccer field for the event, but because in Grove City it is difficult to trust the weather, we reserved the IM basketball courts as a backup location. Thankfully, we were able to hold the tournament outside.

We made posters to promote the event and hung them all over campus. Because the event was on a Saturday, we sat in the Student Union the week leading up to it getting teams of two on the roster. We still had it, though, so that people could show up the night of the event and sign up then if they did not get a chance to stop by the sign-up booth beforehand.

The fraternity wanted to make it a charity event, so we spent a bit of time at the beginning of the semester discussing what cause we wanted to support. One of our alumni that graduated in the ’80s suffered from ALS, and because we know some of his kids who are on campus now, we wanted to donate all the proceeds to an organization that helped the family through the process.

Getting to host events on campus that build community is so fun as a student, and it is even more rewarding when you know that people in need are going to benefit from it.

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