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Grove City’s Study Spaces

One thing Grove City College is known for is its rigorous academics; and along with a high-end education comes many, many hours of studying. It can be easy to get burned out if you are not careful to split up your studying in manageable chunks. Thankfully, though, there are many different ways to study at Grove City, which helps to keep things from getting boring.

Of course, one way to keep things fresh is by using different study habits. This can look like studying on your own or in groups, taking hand-written notes or using digital note-taking software (like OneNote), making flashcards, or reviewing homework assignments. Using different creative study methods is a great way to get through the grunt work of studying for tests or preparing for projects.

Another way to keep things from getting too stale is by switching up where you study, and there are so many places students can study on campus. Different locations can also be good for different study methods. Here is a list of some of the many places students can utilize on campus:

Dorm room: If you are able to work things out with your roommate, your dorm can be a great place to study on your own. Depending on the noise level on your hall or outside your room, it can be a great place to focus. Also, if you keep all your books at your desk, you have all your necessary study materials right at your fingertips.

Henry Buhl Library: This is another great place to study as you can get almost any book you could need. The library is currently undergoing a massive renovation, and by the beginning of next fall, it will have rooms for group work and quiet spaces for individual work, as well as a café if you need a pick-me-up.

The Student Union: As this is an area with more commotion, this is the perfect place to get work done while chatting with friends and running into people as they go about their day. One of the three main cafeterias is here, so if you are studying during meal hours, you can use a meal swipe to get some food for your study session, or you can purchase other food and beverage items from their retail menu if they are not offering something you are craving at the time being.

While these are only three of the main study locations on campus, there are many other places students can get their work done, and each place has its own unique feel to it.

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