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The List(s) You Never Knew You Needed – #3: Parks and Hikes Around Grove City

There are multiple prospective students that visit Grove City College each year, giving them a glimpse into the experience Grove City has to offer. While tour guides do a great job of painting the picture at Grove City College, there are experiences and opportunities external to the perimeter of the school, and often that conversation isn’t approached or addressed during these visits. No matter where individuals end up for school, most students discover the hidden gems of the area once they begin school. And sometimes students never discover the hidden gems! Whether you are a freshman looking for something to do on a school night, a sophomore looking for a weekend adventure, a junior wanting to go hiking, or a senior wanting to soak up every last minute, I am here to change that conversation and provide the list(s) of to-dos you never knew you needed.

One of the best parts about Western PA are the many trails to hike, bike, stroll, and explore, no matter what season. When it is warm, you might find whitewater kayakers in McConnell’s Mill, bikers in Moraine, or caves to explore at Nelson Ledges State Park. As the seasons begin to change and the temperature drops, you will find vibrant fall leaves around Allegheny National Forest, a frozen waterfall at Hell’s Hollow, and backpackers in Laurel Highland shelters for the night. There are hidden gems everywhere, and it does not take much to find them!

If you are interested in looking for directions to specific hikes within these parks and areas, I recommend downloading the AllTrails App and create a free account. The app will provide you with details on specific hikes (features, pictures, weather, mileage, elevation gain, difficulty), directions to trail heads, and reviews from people who have hiked the trails.


  • Memorial Park:
    • Recommendation:
      • Memorial Park Loop
  • Moraine State Park:
    • Recommendations:
      • Glacier Ridge Trail
      • Moraine State Park Bike Trail
      • Pleasant Valley Trail
  • McConnell’s Mill State Park:
    • Recommendations:
      • Slippery Rock Gorge Trail
      • Hell’s Hollow Trail
      • Kildoo Trail
      • McConnell’s Mill Trail
  • Cook Forest State Park:
    • Recommendations:
      • Seneca Viewpoint and Fire Tower Trail
      • River Trail from Seneca Viewpoint
  • Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park
  • Allegheny National Forest:
    • Recommendations:
      • Minister Creek Trail
      • Rimrock Overlook Trail
      • Jakes Rock Trail
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park:
    • Recommendations:
      • Ledges Trail
      • Brandywine Gorge Trail
      • Salt Run
  • Laurel Highlands:
    • Recommendations:
      • Laurel Highland Hiking Trail: Ohiopyle to Bidwell
      • Laurel Highland Hiking Trail: Rt. 653 to Grindle Ridge


  • Grove City Borough Wolf Creek Trail  
  • Springfield Falls 
  • Wolf Creek Narrows Nature Area 
  • Allegheny Gorge and Overlook Trail 
  • Allegheny River Trail 


Get out and enjoy the outdoors!

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