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Cleanup 412

Cleanup 412 is a growing non-profit founded by two of my fraternity brothers, Justin Corbin and Nicholas Choiniere. The goal in mind is to clean the streets of Pittsburgh, feed those in need, and engage all as informed citizens in a restored community. Another unintended impact of these cleanups has been the impact it has had on student life here at Grove City. So far, Cleanup 412 has sponsored six cleanups, with their locations being in Brighton Heights, McKees Rock, Marshall Shadeland, Mt. Oliver, Cultural District, and right here in Grove City. For all of these events we have had dozens of Grove City students come out to help clean their communities. Simultaneously to the cleanup the crew runs a massive food drive, collecting canned goods and nonperishable items to help in that community. Lastly, when walking the streets of whatever area the cleanup is in we talk with the neighbors and, if they are unregistered, we ask if they want to sign up to be a registered voter. Sometimes people are reluctant, but we simply encourage them that if they would like to see change in their community, having a vote is the first step to rebuilding.

Cleanup 412 is expanding to a city near you! In the last year, Cleanup 757 and Cleanup 512 were added. Cleanup 757 is helping the communities of Virginia Beach, VA. They have already successfully had a cleanup and food drive, with more on the schedule. The newest expansion is Cleanup 512 which is based in Austin, TX. Hopefully once COVID has officially settled down we can confidently and comfortably hit the ground running again.

I have some exciting news for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans who go to Grove City. Marquis Pouncey and his brother heard about the cleanup and talked to the founder Justin and will be involved soon with the restoration and growth of the communities in the 412. With the amazing contacts he has, there is a abundance of hope to bring in more big names to be able to market and bring in more volunteers. Nick will be heading out to Austin after he graduates for his post-college career and will then take the leadership behind Cleanup 512. Justin plans to keep his attention on Cleanup 412 to continue to foster his neighboring community.

I recommend even if you are not a Grove City student to come out to a cleanup, meet Grove City students who are eager to give back to their communities, and learn more insight on what life at Grove City College looks like.

Click here to visit the Cleanup 412 website!

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