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Sports Management at Grove City

A new and popular major at other colleges is Sports Management, and we are now lucky to have this as a concentration under the Business Management major. My freshman year I started out as an education major but then decided that it was not for me, so after freshman year I changed my major to Business Management with a concentration in Sports Management joining the first Sports Management class in Grove City history.

I switched to Sports Management because I knew I loved sports, and I wanted to do something in sports later in life. The sports industry is growing so much, and there are now a wide array of jobs that you can get when you work in sports. The classes here at Grove City prepare you for a career in sports with the diversity of classes. The first Sports Management class that I took was Principles of Sport Management and Marketing with coach Gibson, the athletic director at GCC. In this class, I learned the ins and outs of sports management both in the professional world and in college athletics.

I was able to attain an internship with the Presidents’ Athletic Conference, which is the conference that Grove City plays in for every sport (except for Women’s Water Polo who plays in the Collegiate Water Polo’s Association). I learned so much, and it was because of the Sports Management class that I got my internship. The other classes at Grove City help you, challenge you in your faith, and help you connect your faith with your athletics. Finally, my favorite experience was in Sports Management and Event Practicum. This course is essentially an internship style class where you go and work for the Grove City College athletic department and help in any way that you can. You have a big project during the semester where you run and operate a sports management project. For my project, my partner and I ran the press booth at the Grove City track meet. During this project, I learned a lot and my knowledge grew even more in athletics.

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