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The Spartan Life: Living Arrangements Outside of Greek Groups

At Grove City College, we have a lot of different ways to participate in Greek life. From living in the group to just attending events, Greek life adds a lot of character to our small campus. But sometimes, Greek life just isn’t what every student wants to be a part of. I considered joining a housing group on campus but, after receiving a bid, I realized it wasn’t for me.


Grove City College has a unique campus life that prioritizes community more than other, similar colleges. Because of this, Grove City College does not house any national fraternities or sororities; each group that is present on campus only has affiliations here on campus. This helps pursue the goal of community unity because the groups are focused on their immediate surroundings, untied from the regulations and expectations of national groups. The Greek groups on campus are expected to bring the campus community together through numerous events such as dances, games, and food-oriented get-togethers. This provides a very unique and memorable campus life experience at Grove City College.


Starting the end of Freshman year, students may rush to join these housing groups for their Sophomore year. But some students may find that the Greek life isn’t for them and there’s nothing wrong with that. You may not be a part of the same experiences that those in these housing groups, fraternities, and sororities have, but your time at Grove City College will be full of similar experiences.


Life outside the Greek halls isn’t much different than if you were on the hall. Unlike most colleges, all groups still live in the dorms on campus; there are no frat/sorority houses off campus. You’ll be able to hang out in your friends’ rooms, who may be in a Greek group. You’ll still be able to walk out of your room and see your friends in the halls. You’ll still walk to lunch with them the same way that you would if there were no housing groups.


For me, many of the friends I have made through sports or through classes are in different Greek groups on campus. Even though I don’t want to live on a hall with a lot of guys, I still feel that I am able to be a part of their small community on campus. I still have meals with them and hang out in their rooms without feeling pressured to join them.


During your sophomore year, you may realize that you are spending a lot of time with your friends who are all in fraternities or sororities. If this is the case, you can always try to join! You’re never locked into a fraternity, sorority, or housing group at Grove City College. It’s up to the group but you can join during whichever year you are currently in!


Grove City College’s goal of achieving campus unity is expressed through its student housing arrangements. It doesn’t matter what background you come from, Grove City College has the right college living style for you.

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