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Luke’s Top 5 Favorite Classes at Grove

As a senior, I have began to look back and reflect on some of my favorite classes I have been able to take here at Grove City. To put them in order is an extremely difficult task. Grove City offers live changing classes in all majors to all students, and I will miss the unique opportunities each class offered. For the sake of listing the top 5, they will be in no particular order, these are simply my favorite classes I have taken. Ranking these would be a whole other challenge. My hope is to provide you with my general elective as well as my economics related classes I had to take.

  1. Old Testament History with Dr. Byun: I know I said I was not going to rank these but this one would definitely be my top contender. First off, Dr. Byun is easily one of the best professors on campus. This combined with his unique and vast knowledge of Old Testament history and outstanding course outline create an experience that allows you to really grasp the purpose of the Old Testament. Difficult questions are raised and answered with the help of course material and immense dedication to teaching students about Old Testament history.
  2. Econometrics with Dr. Fuller: Metrics was hands down the most challenging course I took at Grove. Every economics major is required to take this class, and it was the challenge that made it so rewarding. Econometrics simply is a hybrid between a high level statistics course and a high level economics course. Dr. Fuller’s young personality and vast knowledge make this class extremely fun but again difficult for most.
  3. Middle Eastern Politics with Dr. Kengor: MEP (Middle Eastern Politics) was a fantastic course taught by Dr. Paul Kengor, the chair of our political science department. What made this class a fantastic learning experience was the expertise of the instructor. Dr. Kengor’s teaching style is relatively laid back and might seem unprepared but this would be false. Kengor’s vast knowledge and preparation for each class is incredible, making this class a must-take.
  4. Courtship and Marriage with Dr. Bright: I am not in a relationship, and C&M with Dr. Bright was a fantastic class that taught me how to approach relationships from a biblical and Christian perspective. Dr. Bright is one of the nicest professors you will ever meet and truly a role model and someone you could tell anything to. Classes are interesting but still provide a challenge for its students.
  5. Stagecraft with Dan Wolfe: I am currently in Stagecraft and its been one of the most hands-on classes I have ever taken. Stagecraft is unlike any other course you will take on this campus but is extremely applicable. In Stagecraft, I have learned how to use power tools and have learned new approaches to the design process in theater productions. Dan is laid back and another great guy on campus to know that has produced TV shows and movies at the highest level and is a must take as a senior.
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