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Being an RA at Grove City College

Being an RA at Grove City College is a fantastic way to serve your campus community and develop relationships with people on your hall as well as your Residence Life Staff. Being an RA is an important position that involves community building and policy enforcement. Led by Thomas Biro, the Director of Residence Life, Grove City Residence Life exists to help students thrive in their communities and as individuals. If you’re the type of person who loves to watch people grow and challenge themselves, serve those around you, and be involved in community, then maybe the RA position is right for you!

5 girls taking a picture in a bathroom mirror while holding a ladder

Me and my fellow RAs going on a round while carrying a ladder

Across campus there are different types of RA positions available. You can be an RA for Greek Life/housing groups, for freshmen, for independents, and for the Colonial Apartments. The style and size of your hall fully depends on the size of the building you are placed in. The same is true for the size of your Residence Life staff. During the application process you get to choose what your preferences are, though the ultimate decision will be with the Resident Directors.

Some of the responsibilities as an RA include being on duty and planning events for your hall. Being on duty is the most consistent responsibility. Depending on the size of your staff it will either be every other week or weekly. “Duty” means you are the on-call RA from 7pm-7am and residents will call/come to you with emergencies, lock outs and any other things that come up during your shift. Most of the stuff that I have had to deal with while being on duty is just toilets and showers that won’t turn off, quiet hours, burnt out lights, or residents who are locked out. It’s a great opportunity to use the time in the building to connect with residents and host events.

Your residence life team will meet weekly to discuss building needs, plan events, spend time in prayer over residents, connect with each other, and dive into ways you can pursue the Res Life vision for campus. These meetings have been some of the highlights of my week and times that my team has come together to support each other. Another thing that you will do as an RA is attend bi-weekly One-on-Ones with your RD and ARD (if your building has one). These are great times to catch up with your RD, let them know about any resident concerns you have, ask them questions and more. They also use this time to ask you questions and help you grow in your faith, personal and professional life.

5 girls laughing in a hallway while taking a selfie

Me going on a round in North with a few of my residents

I am currently a junior and a freshmen RA in Harker. This is my second year on staff, but my first in Harker. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to serve with two different staffs and RDs. It had given me extra opportunities for growth in various areas of my life. Another thing that I love about being a second-year RA is that I am able to continue to connect with my residents from last year. I learned that being an RA is not just a once and done type of commitment. You create relationships that last beyond the year you are on staff, and they have the potential to extend even further. Which is truly exciting and encouraging.

Being an RA for the last two years has been the best experience of my time at college. My first year I was in North, and for this second year I am in the newly freshmen building of Harker. I have had many opportunities for growth— spiritually, personally, and professionally. I am so thankful for the ways that my RDs and fellow RAs have supported me and challenged me. This experience has been such a blessing from the Lord, and I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not applied for the RA position during my freshmen year.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, I encourage you to speak with your RA or your RD and find out more information!

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