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GCC’s American Marketing Association Enters National Website Competition

Grove City College’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association is a small group of dedicated students who are passionate about marketing. GCC’s AMA chapter helps students prepare for future careers through discussion of marketing related subjects and practical experience. Activities throughout the year include case studies, AMA certification programs, creating collegiate campaigns for other organizations and attending the University of Pittsburgh’s Conference. AMA is a great way to network with marketing students and professionals and gain practical experience.

This year we took on a unique challenge for our chapter. We entered AMA’s national website competition. The task was to create a website for our chapter that will be evaluated on aesthetics, content, functionality and engagement. With help from the business department, we bought a domain name and launched a WordPress site. With the continued growth of digital marketing and the need for professionals in this area, this was a great opportunity for AMA members to develop their website design and content writing skills. We broke up into teams and got to work. With about a month to work on the site, it was a whirlwind of activity. We went from sketches of the homepage on paper to a fully functioning website within weeks. I would say everyone involved learned a lot and was able to walk away with something to talk about on resumes and in job interviews.

AMA Website Home PageAMA Website Home Page 2

Grove City College’s business and entrepreneurship departments are expanding their offering of classes on digital marketing and data analytics. With many business organizations on campus, there are so many ways to develop skills and build work samples. Interested in Grove City’s business department? Check out their page!

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