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The Lascell Girls

group_shot_lascell_houseThis year I got the amazing opportunity to live in a quaint house just a few feet from campus with eight other girls. During this semester, this house became a home to me. I cried there, I laughed till I fell on the floor there, I became someone there. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is true. These girls have become some of my closest friends and confidants. This house has enabled us to become a family. Some of my favorite memories are Saturday morning brunches with chocolate chip pancakes, going around the table saying our highs and lows of the week and most importantly the late night conversations.

After I tell people I live with eight other girls they typically give me the same look of “yikes, how do you have so much estrogen under one roof.” First, let me preface that like most girls, my housemates and I are not completely alike. We range from horseback riders, to lacrosse players and even writers. Some of us don’t talk at all while some of us talk way too much. No matter our differences though we agree on two core values. We all adhere to a no drama policy and we all want to use our abilities to serve one another, others and most importantly the Lord.3girls_1stdayofschool_lascellhouse

One of our service events this semester was our thanksgiving party. The party wasn’t the typical thanksgiving cuisine. Instead of the usual turkey and mashed potatoes, we had different types of food ranging from Italian to Polynesian food. We invited a bunch of our friends, made about six different pies and had our guests bring canned goods that we donated to the local food bank.

One of my favorite memories living in the house was our Halloween party. For weeks leading up to the event, we worked hard painting, crafting and creating this Pinterest based party. My friends Palmer and Megan made this unbelievably lifelike tree out of newspaper, cardboard boxes and spray paint.

The Lascell girls and this house have shaped me into the person I am today and I will always be thankful for all the great friendships and memories I have made at Grove City College.

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