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The Intramural Frisbee Legends: The TryHards

Ask anyone from Grove City College about the competition in intramural Frisbee and there is no doubt that the legendary team, the TryHards, will be mentioned. There are two seasons of IM Frisbee a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The photo pictured below is from the fall of 2015, when the TryHards won their third straight IM championship.

Try hards

Fall Semester 2015 TryHards 3peat

The TryHards originated from the freshman hall of 2MP (second floor Memorial) and have since expanded each semester. This team of friends has remained undefeated for each of the three seasons that have been together. As a combined 28-0 the TryHards do not look like they are slowing down.

When asked about what motivates the team to continue to dominate at their sport and not get lazy, their response was, “We do it for our city, the kids and most importantly for the cotton!” This fun-loving team of guys epitomizes the goal of sports at GCC, to compete hard and to have fun. The spring season of ultimate Frisbee is on the horizon and you could be sure that the TryHards are the team to beat.


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