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Spotlight: Grove City College Touring Choir

If you are looking for a way to get involved on campus, the Grove City Choir Touring Choir may be a great idea for you. It is the only faculty directed audition choir on campus. Currently, we have 44 members and are directed by Dr. Katherine Mueller. I can truly say that after three years of being in this spectacular choir, it has positively impacted my Grove City College experience as much as any other group. The other 43 individuals in the choir have become my Grove City family. Before I really talk about what this choir has meant to me, I think it’s important that you get a feel for what the choir does.

Every year, during the week-long break in the spring, the GCC Touring Choir goes on tour to a specific area of the United States. This area could be anywhere. In my tenure at GCC, we have traveled to California and the west coast, NYC and PA, New England (including Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc.) and this year we traveled to Washington D.C. and southern areas. Much like ICO (international mission) trips, the whole break is used to move from church to church and sing concerts for local congregations. We see ourselves as a mission singing group and almost all of our repertoire is sacred music. At night, we stay in host homes from each of the churches. All of this is at no cost to the student.

Overall, this group has become my family. Each of us loves music and is committed to using our talents to achieve excellence and to glorify our Lord. It is a group of fellowship as well as hard work. I would not take back one second of my involvement in this group. What time I have given to it has been returned to me with blessings in spades. I hope that prospective students take advantage of this wonderful group and opportunity.

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