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How to Make College an Adventure


When considering colleges, the biggest question in my mind was “Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Will this really be the best four years of my life?”

Well, yes …or no, it depends really.

I’ve realized that college is only as good as you make it. You could lock these four years away in a cage of nonstop schoolwork, you could waste them tossing frisbee on the lawn all day or you could master the art of making college an adventure.

There are plenty of small adventures to be found on the day-to-day, adventures that won’t take all of your study time but in fact provide the perfect amount of excitement. Like salt and pepper in the perfect ratio. Find the time to conquer the unexplored corners of campus: grab a friend and go for a bike ride, relax in your hammock or simply read a book under a tree (preferably not a textbook). The point is this: adventure will not serve itself to you on a silver platter and the grass is definitely not greener anywhere else, instead of drudging around in the “same-old, same-old,” grab life by the horns and make it good.

Here at Grove City College I have found many adventures that have made my time worthwhile. Some days I will go out and climb a tree or ride my bike by the creek, other days I will find my way to the coffee shop downtown or to nearby Pittsburgh for an urban experience. Adventures are out there, every day, and they don’t necessarily involve climbing mountains. The trick to becoming a real adventurer is learning to enjoy the little things.

Learn to enjoy the little things. Learn to find adventure every day. Learn how to prioritize your time. If you can learn to be an adventure maker then college can be all that it is made out to be.

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