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Every college student loves a good coffee shop. Lucky for you, nestled in the heart of downtown Grove City is a little coffee shop known as Beans on Broad. The local business has become a favorite for Grove City residents and GCC students alike. Serving coffee, tea, pastries, and other foods there’s something for everyone. With it’s friendly staff and cozy atmosphere the coffee shop has long been a  popular destination for GCC students to grab a coffee and hit the books. On any given Saturday the little shop is buzzing with activity.

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Patty Folkerts graduated from Grove City College in 2016. After getting married the summer following her graduation, she is now living in Grove City and working at Beans on Broad as her husband finishes up his degree. I interviewed Patty to get a look at Beans on Broad from the other side of the barista counter.

What was your perception of Beans as a student? Why and when would you come here?

I would come here mostly with friends. I would come a lot to study or to read a book. I liked how easy it was to come down here especially when the weather was nice. I liked having a place off campus to come that wasn’t expensive. I also knew some people that worked here so it was always fun getting to see them.

Why did you choose to work at Beans after graduation?

I got married the summer after graduation, but my husband still had some schooling to finish up. I tried to find a job within walking distance from our apartment and something that had a great environment. Beans on Broad fit both of those needs.

What’s best part of working here?

I really love the people I work with and the customers. I’ve worked with my coworkers under high stress and low stress situations so we know each other well and work well together. The customers are great too. Customers are usually happy to see us especially if we remember their drink. I love getting to make our customers smile and make them feel happy.

Describe your customers.

During early mornings on weekdays we get a lot of working people and older customers coming in. When lunch time hits a lot of people that work in the area stop in to grab something to eat. Later in the day we get a lot more college students coming in to hang out or do homework. Saturdays are by far our busiest days and we normally get a mix of people. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is our busiest time of day each Saturday. We typically have more than two people working behind the counter during that time. We’ve recently been selling donuts on Saturday morning which is one reason why it gets so busy.

How do you perceive the coffee shop now that you’re on the other side of the business?

I guess in some ways it stayed the same. Even on my days off I come in to do work. I still see it as a fun comfortable place to hang out. But it’s even more comfortable now because I know everyone behind the counter.

The business was just sold, correct? Any new changes coming?

The business was just sold to Wendy and Shelly, two sisters. They took over in mid January. The previous owner stayed around to help them get adjusted. No crazy changes coming. Perhaps some menu additions and a few new pieces of furniture, but nothing drastic.

Why do you think that Beans is a popular hangout or study destination for students?

We make it a point to make it cozy and to be friendly. We also offer a variety of things whether food or drinks. Our focus is on the atmosphere we create, not so much on the events we host.

What’s your favorite drink on the menu?

Our chai is really good. Our iced dirty chai is my favorite. (Chai latte with a shot of espresso).  I normally make mine with almond milk.

Any insider tips for new customers?

In general we love having conversations with customers. That would be the main thing. It’s always fun to get to know our customers better and have conversations that go past their coffee order. Also, customers should know that our menu isn’t only what’s on the menu board. You can experiment and ask for suggestions. We have all sorts of ideas and fun things to try.

What would you like to say to incoming freshman?

Come on down and say hi!

So whether you’re looking to get off campus for a good cup of coffee, need to cram in some weekend study time or are looking to catch up with a friend over lunch, be sure to stop by Beans on Broad! See their site for a complete menu, special events, and other info. Don’t forget to check out their social media accounts as well!

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