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Alumni Stories: An Interview with Savanna Davies

Hello! The following is an interview with one of the greatest friends at made at Grove City College – Savanna Davies. She studied Finance at Grove City College and served as treasurer of the Tri-Zeta Sorority. She was hired after graduation at Traveler’s Insurance and has been working there ever since. If you are interested in studying Finance at Grove City College, I believe hearing about Savanna’s story will greatly benefit you!

Tell me a little bit about you.

I am a second generation Grove City graduate from Washington State. Both my mom, Heather Davies (Scott ’90), and my dad, Rich Davies ’91 graduated from Grove City before me.

Where do you work and what is your specific title?

My degree was Finance, and I was thrilled to be hired by Travelers Insurance upon graduation as an underwriter in their construction surety unit.

What does your current job entail and what do you love about it?

Public (and some private) owners of construction projects require contractors to post a bond as a guarantee that the contractor will complete a project in a satisfactory manner and that it will be free from liens. I analyze contractors’ operational strength and grant surety bond credit, on behalf of Travelers Insurance, to contractors so that they may bid projects that require a bond to be posted. I love getting to tour construction sites, I don’t think many people consider just how much work goes into building!

What club(s) were you involved in during your time at Grove City College?

I was in the Tri-Zeta sorority at Grove City College.

How do you feel GCC prepared you for and benefited your future career?

The challenging academics at Grove City College demand students to engage in critical thought, which is of course an important trait that employers look for.  While it is tough to custom tailor a degree for the uncertain road after graduation, I was particularly pleased at the quality of my finance and economics coursework.

How available are the professors after class time if you need additional help?

My professors were very available for conversation outside of class time! Not only were my professors great about helping out with coursework, they were also happy to give advice on topics such as finding internships and my eventual career.

What does the school offer that you wished you had taken advantage of while at GCC?

I wish that I would have been more involved with homecoming activities. The magic of homecoming didn’t quite hit me until I came back for my first college homecoming.

After graduation, were there any classes you wish you had taken to help with your degree?

Knowing what I know now, I wish that I would have taken more accounting classes.

If you could change something about your college experience what would it be?

Tough question! I really had an amazing college experience and wouldn’t change a thing.

What is your best advice to give an incoming freshmen at GCC?

My best advice is to go out and meet your classmates, I assure you that many will turn into lifelong friends. In all reality, the friends I made at Grove City ended up being my favorite part about the College.

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