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Student Spotlight: Jake Jastrzembski, Ministry and Mentorship

I’ve been in the Rhos with Jake Jastrzembski for two years now, and I’ve appreciated the opportunity to get to know him. Currently, he serves as our chaplain, and this stems from his desire to serve people.

During his time at Grove City, Jake has pursued a degree in Biblical and Religious Studies, eventually aspiring to a life as a minister. In preparation for a live of service, he’s volunteered at a Grove City professor Dr. Bibza’s, church, leading both their middle school and high school youth groups.

“It’s been an incredible chance to be able to work with these kids. I want to make a difference in their lives, and God has given me the opportunity to do so.”12079608_10205072035102305_9070116695398246080_n

While Jake has been mentoring the youth of the church, Dr. Bibza has mentored Jake, providing him with a strong ministerial example.

Along his work with the church, Jake is a member of S.E.A.D., or Students Excited About Diversity. Jake joined S.E.A.D. out of a desire to seek racial reconciliation.

The way I have seen Jake’s servant heart has been as a brother and chaplain of the Tri-Rho Housing Group. jake has led the Rhos spiritually for a year, hosting Bible studies and prayer groups, and he’s available for any of the guys who may need to talk about a struggle they’re having.

Jake’s unflinching willingness to care for those around him is a testament to the caliber of person at Grove City. I have come in contact with many individuals who are caring for those around them. I’ve been able to ind a community of people across campus with servants hearts.

Above all, people are willing to listen. That’s a quality that is not often found nowadays, but I’ve certainly been able to find that in people like Jake.

I can’t due to enough to describe this fine man. This is just a small picture of Jake. He’s a little guy with a big heart.

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