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Archive | December, 2017

ICO Guatamala team 2017

A Crash Course in ICO Trips

ICO (Inner City Outreach) trips are a unique component of the campus ministry opportunities offered at Grove City College. These trips, often taking place during breaks within the school year, allow teams of students to travel and share God’s love in cities around the world. The teams often partner with a church or a local […]


Churches Around Grove City

Deciding what church to go to while in college can be a challenge.  Grove City College does not offer Sunday morning church services in Harbison Chapel. The reason is to have students get involved in the local community and to interact with those from their particular denomination. According to Admissions, “Grove City College is not […]


Big News: Free Laundry!

Free laundry! Yes, this year at Grove City College, the laundry is included in tuition. No longer will students need to add money to their ID card or search for quarters in their drawers. “It’s amazing! I don’t have to pay for laundry anymore!” says Abby Jopek, a sophomore. Not only is there no charge […]


It Is Okay to Be Undeclared: Part 1

From the time kids are young, they are constantly bombarded with questions regarding a future career. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question often evokes responses such as ballerina, President, veterinarian, or basketball player. As kids mature, their responses change due to altering interests and realistic possibilities. Suddenly, it is […]

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