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All About Student Parking

A common question that most prospective students have is “How about parking? How does that work for students?” According to the Grove City College website, “the privilege of maintaining a vehicle on campus is extended to faculty, employees, students who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and commuter students. Freshmen are not permitted to have vehicles […]


EKG Using an Oscilloscope Lab

This semester in Dr. Chu’s Linear Circuit Lab, sophomore Electrical Engineering majors were able to build a simple circuit to measure EKG.  Electrocardiography (EKG) is used to measure electrical activity of a heartbeat. EKGs are a widely used tool to diagnose cardiac diseases. Students assembled the circuit by following a given circuit diagram. The circuit […]


Girl Scouts Come to Grove City College

This year, 13 girls from the Grove City Girl Scout Service Unit came to Grove City College to earn their robot badges. Girl Scouts has added some new badges this year. They include: showcasing robots, programming robots, and designing robots. The group contacted Grove City College for assistance in obtaining these badges. Dr. Mohr, Professor […]

The preliminary design of the robot.

Engineering Senior Design Project: Underwater Robot

Every spring, seniors in the engineering department are required to showcase what they have  learned through a Senior Design Project.  JD Elsey, a senior Electrical Engineering major, spoke about his group’s Senior Design Project: Creating an underwater robot. How many people are in your group? We have five Electrical Engineering students and six Mechanical Engineering […]


It is Finals Week!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, finals week is fast approaching. While some students dread finals week, others say that it is their favorite time of the semester. Why is that? It is the time where there is a whole day reserved in the middle of the week to study, called […]


A Look Inside: Vespers All Saints’ Day Service

Every year, Grove City College holds an All Saint’s Day Service the Sunday before November 1st.  All Saint’s Day is a celebration of the saints in the church, those who have glorified God through their lives and have made a positive impact in the realm of Christianity. This year, the Vespers service was held on […]


Churches Around Grove City

Deciding what church to go to while in college can be a challenge.  Grove City College does not offer Sunday morning church services in Harbison Chapel. The reason is to have students get involved in the local community and to interact with those from their particular denomination. According to Admissions, “Grove City College is not […]


Big News: Free Laundry!

Free laundry! Yes, this year at Grove City College, the laundry is included in tuition. No longer will students need to add money to their ID card or search for quarters in their drawers. “It’s amazing! I don’t have to pay for laundry anymore!” says Abby Jopek, a sophomore. Not only is there no charge […]

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