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“Victory” in Finding a Church: A Closer Look at Victory Family Church

One thing I realized when I came to college was that I needed to find a church. I needed to find a place that made me feel at home. I craved to be a part of a church community to grow in and experience life with. If you have never been to Grove City, I can tell you now that there are multiple churches in the area. There are approximately 16 within the town and countless more churches in the surrounding areas. In other words, there are many churches covering a wide range of denominations close by the College, so the odds of finding a church I liked was certainly high.

During my first week at Grove City College, as a freshman, I met a girl who would end up becoming a really close friend of mine. She told me about her home church located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (a 40 minute drive from the College). It was called Victory Family Church and it turns out that her father, John Nuzzo, was the pastor there. My friend invited me to go with her and visit the church for myself, and let me just say, I am so grateful that she did. Victory Family Church exists to help all people realize that God loves them unconditionally, and I can personally testify that the church does an incredible job at this. Every time I have been to Victory Church, I have been welcomed with open arms by so many brothers and sisters in Christ. I also witness the most loving and moving worship along with a sermon that somehow always seems like it is written for me each and every week. I cannot explain to you how at home I feel when I am there. Victory Family Church has truly changed my life, and I thank God for his guidance in leading me there. I hope and pray you find a church home that you love whether that be at Victory Family Church or someplace else.

Here is what a couple other Grove City College students have to say about the church:

“I admire Pastor John for fearlessly speaking the truth. Every time I enter Victory Church, I can feel the Holy Spirit working through Pastor John and through the rest of the church family.”

“I like Victory Church because Pastor Nuzzo never fails to give a relatable and deep message. He constantly exemplifies Christ’s love to us. As a pastor, he also expresses that he is not perfect, and that’s okay because of God’s grace and mercy. I think that’s important to have in a church, especially for college students because we strive to be perfect and beat ourselves up because we’re sinners and by God’s grace, we’re perfect. Also, the church preached that you are saved by grace alone through Christ alone which is very important. The church is massive so there is tons of room to meet people and grow in community with people of all ages.”

“I love the worship at Victory! They really do a good job of drawing in this generation of young adults. The message is always great and interesting to listen to, and I always feel so welcome!”

“Victory truly makes a big church feel small. It has been a great way for me to feel connected with other young-adult believers and the messages are so applicable for my everyday life. The small groups they offer have helped me make lasting relationships. We can’t do life alone and Victory Family Church has truly brought me into the family.”

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