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Event Review: Meat and Greet

“It’s that time…Meat time” read the posters advertising the main draw for this event: free steak. While the dining halls unfortunately do not serve steak, the Delta Rho Sigma (Buffalos) housing group and Nu Lambda Phi (Nu Lamb) fraternity teamed up to bring the people what they asked for at the beginning of the semester.

On Sept. 14, the two groups held the event dubbed “Meat and Greet,” where free steak, burgers, and hot dogs were freshly grilled for attendees. As part of an excellent advertising campaign that educated the student body on what the event actually is, this motivated students to get a free dinner away from the dining halls as a change of pace.

Addison Hockins, the social chair of the Buffalos recorded a total of 850 student attendees throughout the entire night, a record setting attendance count for the event. The group found it necessary to keep track of attendance to ensure that each attendee could receive their fair share of steak, which equated to be four ounces worth of meat. When this is paired with the hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips available, this proved to be quite the sizable dinner on a Friday night.

This year, the cookout was held in front of Rockwell on upper Quad. The groups also added live music with student bands performing at the bottom of Rockwell steps to add the extra element needed to keep students at the event to hang out. The bands played setlists filled with hit songs that kept the student body engaged with the atmosphere.

The event had enough food to last through the night, but unfortunately the steak ran out early due to the rapidly growing demand. Looking ahead to next year, the groups will be bringing this event back with only one change: more steak.

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