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Grove City may be small, but there is an abundance of great places to eat out when you are looking for a change from the cafeteria. I was pleasantly surprised when I came to Grove City to find amazing food in such a small area. Here are four of my favorites, two within walking distance and two within a short 10-minute drive!

Jin Sushi is a cozy, new Japanese restaurant on Broad Street across from Beans on Broad. They craft delicious sushi and authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine with over 15 years of experience from their chefs. If you come in around lunchtime, they have sushi lunch specials: miso soup and two maki rolls for $9, or soup and three maki rolls for $12. The atmosphere is calm for a nice sit down meal, or you can get your meal to go if you are running between classes.

The Broad Street Grille is the classic Grove City comfort food restaurant, located on Broad Street across from the parking lot. Whether you are in the mood for wings, burgers or a simple sandwich, the Broad Street Grille has you covered. They will often run specials such as wing nights, and it is a lively scene with music and good times in the evenings. If you are a Grove City student and you have yet to visit the Broad Street Grille, do not miss a chance to experience the quintessential Grover restaurant.

If you have a car and are willing to drive to the Grove City Outlets, Primanti Bros. is a comfort food restaurant that has been serving western Pennsylvania since 1933. They specialize in “almost famous” sandwiches, but you can get anything from wings to pizza to salad. You can check their website for promotions and deals, and it is a popular destination for large student groups going out to eat for celebrations.

If you want to take that special someone out to a nice dinner, TimberCreek Tap & Table is a rustic chic restaurant serving everything from steak to seafood. It is a more expensive option, but the atmosphere is amazing, and the food is spectacular. TimberCreek looks like a log cabin, and the central floor is glass so you can see below into its own brewery. If you are looking to impress, TimberCreek has your back with some of the highest quality food and best atmosphere to be found in or near Grove City.

These are my four favorites, but there are even more restaurants in Grove City that I visit and enjoy. Each of them has their own unique feel and niche, and the diversity of flavor is a culinary adventure.

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