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Are You Ready to “Adult”?

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, credit cards, savings accounts, student loans, bills, rent, car payments, insurance…it is all coming for you! For the past 20ish years, your parents have probably handled most of that for you. College will likely be the first time you are “on your own” and you will have to figure out things like laundry, cleaning a bathroom, and managing your time – but that is just step one. After you graduate, things are really going to change because you will officially have to “adult.” It can be overwhelming, but over time things become easier to figure out. It is important that you utilize the time you have at college to learn the most you can about how to be on your own. Trust me, graduation comes more quickly than you think! The important thing is that you are prepared to graduate and know life’s basics.

There is a course at Grove City College, taught by Dr. Wayne Biddle and Dr. Scott Powell, called “Seminar in Life Management.” Every college student who wants to learn how to “adult” once they are out of college should take this course. The course covers everything from saving, to investing, to paying off loans, to buying or renting a house. I had no idea how insurance (auto, homeowners, health, etc.) worked until I learned about it in class. In addition, I had no clue what a 401K was or when/how to save for retirement. With time, all of my questions were answered! Every day you learn something new that you will be useful once you are out on your own. “Seminar in Life Management” is only one credit, so if you have not met your elective quota, I highly recommend it. It is a great way to utilize your electives and your time. Grove City College excels at preparing students for post-graduation life. Thanks to the College and this course, I feel prepared to enter the “real world” in May.

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