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Grove City College: A Parent’s Perspective

Parents play a big role in where their children are going to attend college. Even if the parent allows the child to choose a college on his own, usually, parents still have a lot of influence on the child’s decision. If given the option between Grove City College and a big party school, most parents would feel more comfortable with their child attending GCC. I recently talked with my mom about what her initial thought of Grove City College were, and how they have changed from the time I was an incoming student to a senior.

Grove City College provides quality, Christian, education at a low cost. Right away, all three of those qualities appeal to many parents, including my own mom. My mom said that “I always heard that the reputation of Grove City was top-notch. It is one of those schools that people know is high-quality and also a great value. It is important, as a Christian, to attend a Christian college so that you do not go off the wrong track during your college years. The more I began to research about Grove City College, the more confident I was that it was somewhere that would provide a wonderful education, while also being safe, conservative, and faith-based.”

My mom recalled that as soon as we toured Grove City College, she knew that she would feel comfortable sending me here. She said that “The campus was beautiful, small, and safe. I knew that I would not have to worry about you there.”

Lastly, I asked my mom for some last thoughts about Grove City College, now that I am a senior. She said that “Grove City College has provided a top-notch, quality, and outstanding education. Not only that, but the values of the college are clear and demonstrated inside and outside of the classroom. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic began, I am more and more confident in the quality and dedication of the school. It is extremely impressive that the college was able to go to such great lengths to ensure safety for students during this terrible time. The college does not settle. I am so happy that you chose to attend a small school in the middle of nowhere, because there is no better place to be during a pandemic! The college was blessed this semester with a low number of coronavirus cases, and I know that is because of the hard work and dedication of the college to continue to stay open for the students. Overall, as a parent, there is no other college that I would have wanted you to attend!”

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