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Halls and Doors: the Hubs of College Culture

When I first came to campus, I had no clue that dorm hallways were going to be pivotal to my time as a student. It sounds crazy, but it is true. So much time is spent in transition – walking up and down hallways, heading to your room, visiting someone else’s room, going to the bathroom. Thankfully, for me, these hallways are like campus cultural hubs – which makes for really interesting walks. Most hallways on campus have themes and are decorated, and some students do really interesting things in their halls like open up shops on their doors or sell art. With that said, here are some of my favorite hallways/door events from campus: 

  1. Sticker Shops. As I mentioned above, some students turn their doors into little pop-up shops. One door last year used to sell stickers we could buy for our laptops. There were lots of plant and “feel good” stickers on it. The stickers were super cheap and convenient; just drop in a dollar on the way to class and slap a sticker on your laptop or water bottle. 
  2. Hobby Sales. I have seen a few of these around campus. Some people make paintings and art you can use to decorate your room, and many of the pieces are impressive. Others I have seen have made crochet hearts, pot holders, and some homemade patches to put on backpacks. It is a fun and easy way to make extra cash on campus, and I think it adds to the fun of my afternoon walks through the dorms. 
  3. Celebration doors. These doors are always fun to look at, and they usually are the result of life events. When a girl in the hall gets engaged, all her friends decorate her door with congratulations cards and cute sayings and balloons. On birthdays, people cover their friend’s door in streamers and birthday wishes, often taping candy or gifts to the front of the door. Or maybe someone has joined a sorority – it is likely her door and the entire wall surrounding the door are going to be covered in Greek lettering and glitter. 
  4. Holiday decoration contests. While I am not sure if there will be door decorating contests this year with our extended breaks, I know last year’s Christmas door contest was so fun. Some completely covered their doors in wrapping paper, while others made their door look like a massive chimney with Santa hopping in. My personal favorites were the doors that were decorated to look like paper Christmas trees. 

When you arrive at college, remember to look up as you are walking around your hall. It is one of the best ways to get a feel for the culture of the people around you. Who knows–you may end up finding a good deal on some stickers or potholders!


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