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Grove City Alumna: Julia

This fall, I had the opportunity to meet my boyfriend’s sister, Julia, who is also a Grove City College alumna. Julia attended Grove City College a couple of years ago and has now since has relocated to Arizona where she is enjoying life as a teacher. When I asked her about her time at Grove City College, she said that she could spend all day talking about how much she loved her college experience. Julia really loved the atmosphere of the College because she could tell there were a lot of hard-working people that surrounded her. Julia said that this only made her better because she is a competitive person and is always looking to be the best version of herself. Also, she was able to meet such great friends that she said she knows will be life-long friends. Unlike myself, Julia is an extroverted person and she had many friends in different groups on campus. Grove City College is unique because of the community of believers on campus. It is a special and refreshing place to spend your college years because the students and professors are so kind and loving. Julia spoke very highly of the campus and the community as a whole.

Currently, Julia is studying hard to get her Master’s degree in Education. It has been very busy for her because she has to take night classes for her MBA program. One thing that she emphasized is that the skills that she used at the College carried over into the real world and into her career. As a previous Grover, Julia still uses the skills that she had learned here and believes that she will continue to in the future. Julia seemed very wise and driven when she spoke with me and I think that Grove City College really helped her get to where she is today.

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