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Internship Spotlight – Finance

I recently interviewed my boyfriend, Dave Bereck, on his current internship. Dave loves working and sees himself as a hard worker and very driven. Currently, he is a full-time student majoring in Finance and Management but also works at a business called Treloar & Heisel. Although Treloar & Heisel provides financial services of all types, Dave specifically works in the wealth management department. He works 15 hours a week and does all sorts of work for the company. He is in charge of inputting client specific data into the company’s system, listening in on important client calls, and calling and speaking with clients to see if they would like to work with his side of the business.

Treloar & Heisel is a financial firm that provides financial services to dental and medical professionals. The niche that Treloar has is that they are dental-specific. According to Dave, there are a lot of dentists that get taught the medical side of life but do not get to learn the financial side. Most dentists get out of residency with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. The average amount of debt that a dentist leaves residency with is $450,000. At this point in their lives they are around 32 years old so they usually will be looking to buy a house soon. This only adds to the amount of debt that they have. It can be a very stressful situation to be in but that is where Treloar comes in to help. They put together a comprehensive financial plan based off of all the doctor’s financial documents and then deliver the plan to the doctor. The company bills on a flat fee rate and only asks that the doctor commit to the first year of service and then they pay on a monthly basis after that. This is so that the company can complete their fiduciary duty of making sure the doctor is in a better place than when they started.

Though it is challenging to juggle 16 credits and the internship, Dave feels that the experience that he is gaining will really help him in the future. I asked him to provide one piece of advice to anyone thinking of working while in school and he said, “It is so important that you plan out every day and that you stick to your schedule. There is not a ton of free time and little time to waste. In the end, it is all worth it though! This semester has been challenging, but I have learned about finance and will use these skills in my career. I am thankful for the opportunity.”

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