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The List(s) You Never Knew You Needed – #1: Restaurants Around Grove City

There are multiple prospective students that visit Grove City College each year, giving them a glimpse into the experience Grove City has to offer. While tour guides do a great job of painting the picture at Grove City College, there are experiences and opportunities external to the perimeter of the school, and often that conversation is not approached or addressed during these visits. No matter where individuals end up for school, most students discover the hidden gems of the area once they begin school. And sometimes students never discover the hidden gems! Whether you are a freshman looking for something to do on a school night, a sophomore looking for a weekend adventure, a junior wanting to go hiking, or a senior wanting to soak up every last minute, I am here to change that conversation and provide the list(s) of to-dos you never knew you needed.

While this list does not include ALL of the restaurants in the area, these are a few of my favorites that are each unique in their own ways. You will just have to come to Grove City to check them out!


  • Coffaro’s Pizza ($) – 4 minutes from campus
    • 116 S Broad St., Grove City, PA 16127
    • Menu:
    • Just ask for the “college special” and you’ll get a large pizza and a liter of pop for $7… can’t be beat! Without breaking the bank and with delivery to your dorm room, Coffaro’s pizza couldn’t be more convenient.
  • Main Street Diner ($) – 6 minutes from campus
    • 1313 W Main St., Grove City, PA 16127
    • Menu:
    • Looking for a cheesy omelet, hashbrowns, some mediocre hot black coffee, and some homemade baklava ALL within walking distance? The Main Street Diner is your place to go. This sweet diner will no doubt make you feel warm and at home, no matter what meal you share with them.
  • Blackout Burger Bar ($$) – 11 minutes from campus
    • 225 Westside Square Dr., Mercer, PA 16137
    • Menu:
    • Their milkshakes are to die for and their burgers will have you wishing for more. During the warmer seasons, Blackout Burger is a great spot to eat outside, but as the weather changes, it is also a great spot to eat inside in their family-friendly sports bar setting.
  • Third Eye Pies ($) – 11 minutes from campus
    • 225 Westside Square Dr., Mercer, PA 16137
    • Menu:
    • There are pizzas… and then there are dessert pizzas. You can decide which sounds better, but if it happens to be dessert pizza, Third Eye Pies has what they call “dessert pies” that certainly satisfies anyone’s sweet tooth. I recommend the S’mores pie. They have gluten free too!
  • The Camelot Restaurant ($) – 13 minutes from campus
    • 101 S Main St., Slippery Rock, PA 16057
    • There’s nothing better than waking up early, watching the sunrise, and then heading to Camelot for their famous cinnamon rolls. This is one of those hole-in-the-wall places you have to visit. Maybe it is the cheap prices that make the food taste so good, or maybe it is just that good.
  • Talbot’s Taproom & Terrace ($$) – 15 minutes from campus
    • 787 Mercer Grove City Rd., Mercer, PA 16137
    • Menu:
    • A blend of modern art, chef-inspired food, live music, craft drafts, and unique outdoor and indoor seating creates an atmosphere people seemingly spend numerous hours at with no regrets. On a clear night, this is the place you want to be. On a rainy night, the inside will have you forgetting how gloomy the day really is. There is almost nothing better than combining quality, service, and atmosphere together into one place… Talbot’s does just that!
  • Rachel’s Roadhouse ($$) – 16 minutes from campus
    • 1553 Perry Hwy., Mercer, PA 16137
    • Menu:
    • The Tavern Chips will have your mouth watering, the Rackhouse Apple Chop might have you rolling out of the restaurant, and the drinks might have you feeling nice and warm by the time you are done at Rachel’s Roadhouse. A casual dining experience with a warm ambiance and high-quality food, Rachel’s might just be the perfect place to visit on a snowy Tuesday night.
  • Log Cabin Inn ($$) – 33 minutes from campus
    • 430 Perry Hwy., Harmony, PA 16037
    • Menu:
    • If you’ve ever been to Rachel’s Roadhouse, Iron Bridge Inn, or the Yellow Creek Inn (check them out as well), you have most likely experienced quality food, service, and an overall quality experience. I will tell you a little secret: they are all owned by the same people! The Log Cabin Inn is also owned by this same group of people, but sits tucked away in no-service-land. With warm apple cider drinks, a quality meal, and a slice of homemade peanut butter pie, this is probably one of my favorite dinner places to eat.
  • Harmony Inn ($$) – 33 minutes from campus
    • 230 Mercer St., Harmony, PA 16037
    • Menu:
    • Within the National Historic District of Harmony rests the German restaurant and craft beer bar, the Harmony Inn. What used to be the residence of Austin Pearce, a prominent banker, then once became a hotel and saloon called “The Ziegler Hotel,” the 1856 Italian-style home is now the Harmony Inn. Rich in history with a featured menu of unique craft drinks and hearty German meals, the Harmony Inn might grab the attention of someone looking for a German adventure. Check their website for live music as well.
  • Donna’s Diner ($) – 36 minutes from campus
    • 10 W State St., Sharon, PA 16146
    • Menu:
    • Ever wish you could have been born in the 50s? Visit Donna’s Diner and you’ll get a taste of what it might have been like. Donna’s Diner sits right on the edge of the Shenango River running through Sharon, PA, and offers a fun, lively, quaint, movie-like experience with phenomenal milkshakes, unique diner food, and good prices. You cannot miss it – just look for the metallic building!
  • Lulu Beans Café ($$) – 36 minutes from campus
    • 234 E State St., Sharon, PA 16146
    • Menu:
    • A restaurant, a gift shop, AND a coffee shop, Lulu Beans Café is one of the most unique places in the area. If you like outdoor seating, their outdoor patio is full of plants, vibrant colors, and cozy seating. If you prefer to be indoors, their multi-level building is also full of vibrant colors, cozy seating, and modern art. While their atmosphere alone makes Lulu Beans worth the visit, their healthy menu will make your tastebuds freak out in your mouth. Just take a glance at their menu… you will be convinced.
  • The Church Brew Works ($$) – 1 hour, 2 minutes from campus
    • 3525 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15201
    • Menu:
    • Church pews to bar stools – seems odd. You can read about the fascinating history of the church building that has now been turned into a brewery, serving hundreds of guests each week in Pittsburgh, PA. The owners of the brewery aimed to keep the church’s character by maintaining its original details, which certainly adds to the experience. Check out their seasonal brews on their menu!
  • Out of the Fire Café ($$) – 2 hours, 4 minutes from campus
    • 3784 State Route 31, Donegal, PA 15628
    • Menu:
    • Yes, this is far. But yes, this is worth it, especially after you hike in the Laurel Highlands for the day. With a balcony overlooking the Laurel Highlands, plenty of cozy indoor seating, excellent casual dining, and a mountain-town atmosphere, you can easily find yourself sitting here for hours with friends and feeling right at home.

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