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When the Student Becomes the Teacher

Sarah DeMar, a senior Pre-K- 4th grade Elementary Education major and Spanish minor, knew she was going to be  a teacher since the second grade.  With a light in her eyes Sarah describes “a passion for kids and teaching the next generation” as what initially drew her to enter the esteemed realm of educators.  Almost […]

Tierney and Sharon middle-schoolers at Wyldlife Camp

You Were Made for This

High-schoolers flood the stairs, pushing and shoving to get down as fast as possible. The bass is booming, strobe lights flashing, and kids are wildly jumping up and down.  Controlled chaos seems to be the best descriptor for what’s taking place. But really, what’s going on? Did someone just eat a peanut butter and jelly […]

ico 2015

GC Takes the DR

Three simple letters, ICO, could really stand for anything beyond Grove City’s campus (igloo crafting octogenarians for one) but here they represent a pretty stellar ministry: Inner City Outreach. Not  to be mislead by the name, this organization is not one group of students who venture to various major cities, but an acronym that encompasses  short-term […]

chamber swing

From Where Out West? Student Spotlight on Emily Bartlow

When deciding where to go for school, how far away is too far? For senior Communications major Emily Bartlow that questions holds very little weight. Emily’s hometown is just outside Sacramento, California and about four years ago she made the decision to re-locate to Grove City College for her undergraduate degree. The first thought that […]

Afterlight_Edit_2015_03_06_15_28 7

Where in the West? Student Spotlight on Martin Lammers

2,494 miles. With the technological assistance of Google Maps, that is the exact mileage (taking I-94 E and I-90 E in case you want double check) that senior Marketing Management major Martin Lammers must somehow conquer to attend Grove City College each year. From where  you might ask? Martin hails from a town called Sammamish, […]


Deep in the Heart of Rockwell

Everyday on my way to class I walk by one of Grove City’s most iconic buildings, the statuesque Rockwell Hall,  with little idea of what lurks inside. Mad scientists? Frankenstein-esque labs? Having only been inside once, and just the lobby at that, I decided to find out more about the unique opportunities for biology majors […]

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