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10 Ways to Be the Best Roommate

After three years of rooming experience, here are my tips on how to be the best roommate. (Please note that I know for a fact I am not the best roommate, but my past two roommates have been incredible, and I learned a lot from them!) Be forward. If you have a problem, deal with […]


5 Easy Ways to Stay Organized in College

One of the biggest lessons you learn when living the dorm life, making decisions for yourself and working out your own schedule is the importance of being organized. The struggles of staying organized are amplified in college, when your schedule is full and there are never enough hours in the day. Giving priority to organization […]


5 Simple Ways to Have an Excellent Monday

Here are five tips on how to have an excellent Monday as a college student: Go to bed early. One of the best ways to make sure your Monday is a success is to go to bed early on Sunday, or at least on time. You don’t want to wake up groggy because you were on your […]


How to Deal with Stress

Everybody experiences stress. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Stress pushes us to stay on task, to make good use of our time, and to be productive. However, stress can easily become unhealthy when it causes sleepless nights, anxiety, worry, poor diet, and number of other side effects. It’s normal to experience stress in college. […]

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