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New Chapel Schedule

At Grove City College, every student must attend chapel a certain amount of times per semester, though the amount varies for commuter students and on-campus students. Typically, the normal student is required to attend 12 chapels a semester, which is very doable. For three and a half years, the schedule was chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays […]


How Greek Life Has Prepared Me for Life After College

Coming into college, I had no expectations of joining a Greek group because I was expecting to be fully invested in playing sports. However, after talking with my friends and going to rush events in the fall, I found that Greek groups here are very different than the stereotypical fraternities and sororities at larger schools. […]


Inner City Outreach: A Leader’s Perspective

Over Spring Break, I was blessed to have the opportunity to lead ICO Arizona. ICO Arizona is one the many opportunities students have to travel around the United States to serve a local church and community. My first exposure to ICO was my sophomore year. I knew an upperclassman through my fraternity that was leading […]


IM and IF Sports

If you are a retired high school or even college athlete, like myself, you will find yourself itching to get back on the field or court and play sports again. Grove City has some of the best intramural sports out of any school in the country. The College offers almost every sport you can think […]


Athletics at Grove City College

There are so many ways to find community at GCC, and one of those is by participating in varsity sports on campus. I played on the baseball team here at GCC, and that was a great way for me to find an instant community and friends on campus. A couple of the questions that I […]


Green Meadows: A Golf Course Review

Spring at Grove City is one my favorite times on campus. The cold and snowy days are quickly replaced with the warm and pleasant breeze of Western Pennsylvania. As the weather becomes more lively, so does the campus. There is a surge of students outside to enjoy the warmth, either by studying outside or just […]

Work-College Balance

For as long as I have known Mickey Clarey he has been his own boss. As a Entrepreneurship major that is something that I am striving for. But to be able to manage the work load that he does while being a full-time student he has some tricks. In this interview I discover how Mickey […]

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