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Being a City Boy in Rural PA: What’s Western PA All About?

If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I love city living. From the abounding culture to crossing the street when that pesky red hand shines at you from across the road (but come on, there’s not even a car coming down the street), there’s something about being in a city that just makes me feel […]


Passing Along Passion: Children’s Theatre

Theatre. There’s nothing quite like it. Particularly musicals. There’s something transcendent about music in and of itself, but when it accompanies a narrative, music allows an audience to be drawn in to the world that is unfolding before them. As an adult there is something about musicals that takes us back to childhood. Even if […]


Shifting Roles: GCC Theatre as a Means of Change

If growing up outside of New York City didn’t ensure that I’d see a Broadway show as child, having a dad who saw over 500 shows by the age of 18 and who majored in Theatre from Fordham University definitely did. The stage has beckoned me from my earliest years, creating a sense of wonder […]

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