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Archive | April, 2016


4 Quick and Easy Dorm Room Recipes

While the cafeterias at Grove City College are great, they have limited hours, just like any cafeteria. When you’re hungry in your dorm room and need a little pick me up, it’s great to be able to whip up something quick right in your room. There are many delicious and easy recipes that only require […]

Hicks RA Residence Life Retreat

The Best Job at Grove City College

Most college students want a job for one simple reason: money. That elusive green stuff is a must-have when you’re stuck between the demands of tuition, car and for-fun expenses. But while you’re making money, you may as well have a good time at it. And it wouldn’t be bad to learn a thing or […]

Swing Dancing

Dance Changed Her Life

Grove City College’s ballroom and swing dance clubs are known as a whirling good time. But for Gretchen Stockschlaeder, a business management student and swimmer, these clubs have been life-changing. In her own words, “learning to dance is powerful and I am truly a better person because I learned to dance.” In her personal blog […]


Eating Healthy at Grove City College

Eating healthy is an extremely important part of living well. Being in college can often bring about negative eating habits, causing students to gain weight such as the “freshman fifteen.” Factors such as stress and lack of time or money to make or buy healthy foods can all add to these bad eating habits. At […]


When You’ve Reached the Block

In recent years, friends have asked me what the work load is like at Grove City. My brief response is that it is challenging, but not all consuming. Sometimes the simple solution is to just push through. Nights of writers block, lack of motivation, and tiredness will come. But in the midst of it all, I pray that […]


Picture Perfect Campus

Grove City College is a beautiful campus. From the tall, stained glass windows of Harbison Chapel and the sleek brick and crawling ivy on Mary Anderson Pew to the ornate ironwork on Rainbow Bridge, the campus is filled with many aesthetically pleasing sites. As someone with both an appreciation for beauty and a love of […]


Seville, Spain Study Abroad Experience | Alyssa Brossman

Last spring semester, current senior Alyssa Brossman had the chance to study abroad in Seville, Spain. The experience proved to be one of the most memorable and fulfilling opportunities she’s had. Alyssa’s love of travel and her desire to explore outside the country mixed with her major requirement to study abroad pushed her to make […]

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