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Archive | October, 2017

24-14 Grove City College Football

A Long-Awaited Celebration

Our football team recently won its first game in over three seasons. To say that my fellow students and I are excited is to say the least. What is truly remarkable about Saturday night’s game is not the long awaited celebration of a win, but rather the passion and excitement that continued before, throughout, and […]


Faculty Spotlight: Joshua Mayo

In my time at Grove City, I can honestly attest to the caliber of faculty that spans all of the departments.  From English to History to Chemistry to Art, I have experienced professors who not only love their classes but also those taking the classes. That is not to say I’ve only experienced the kindness […]


On-Campus Jobs: MAP Dishroom

Being a Grove City student is definitely a full-time job in and of itself. Classes, chapel, orchestra, sports, Greek life, bible study: you name it, and you’ll be booked full in no time. But there’s one thing that should be a part of your schedule so that you can afford to be a student with […]


So You Want to Join the Marching Band

If you happen to be registered for a class called MUSI 100: Band this fall, then your first week on campus is guaranteed to be wildly different than everyone else’s. It varies a little depending on if you are a percussionist, an auxiliary member, or an officer, but it’s always a memorable week for everyone. […]


Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mobley

Dr. Jennifer Mobley is a Communication Studies professor and advisor here at Grove City College. She’s taught several classes, including Research Methods, Public Relations, Writing for the Media, Professional Communication. I have taken Research Methods and Public Relations with her, and I can say that I have experienced her unique, hands-on, student-focused teaching style firsthand. […]


Greek Life at a Christian School?

The age old question. Greek life at a Christian school? How can this be true? How can it be acceptable? Let me tell you my experience and you can decide for yourself. Now, I am not saying joining a Greek group on campus is for everyone, but please do not be scared to do so. I […]


10 Ways to Be the Best Roommate

After three years of rooming experience, here are my tips on how to be the best roommate. (Please note that I know for a fact I am not the best roommate, but my past two roommates have been incredible, and I learned a lot from them!) Be forward. If you have a problem, deal with […]

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