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So You Want to be an RA?

If you love getting to know and caring for the people around you, the Resident Assistant position at Grove City College might be right for you! A Resident Assistant, or RA, is a full-time student who lives on campus in the residence halls and is responsible for facilitating community on his/her hall and upholding policy […]

Members of Student Government serve a midnight breakfast on study day.

Opportunities at Grove City College

When I was a freshman at Grove City, I remember filling out an application for something and it asked me “How will your college be different because you have been there?” To be honest, this question completely stumped me. At the time, I had no idea how I (an average student from a tiny high […]


Reel Life at Grove City College: Sportsmanship

Grove City College excels in sportsmanship. Even though I do not play sports myself, when I was a high-schooler looking at different colleges, the sportsmanship I saw and heard about at Grove City amazed me. I knew I wanted to spend my college years at a place with respect, faith-mindedness, determination, and talent. To my […]

The 2017-2018 GCC Cheer Squad

Cheerleading at Grove City College

As you walk down the hallways of the Physical Learning Center on a Tuesday evening you hear the echoing of girls chanting: “F-I-G-H-T, Fight Wolverines Fight!” So, what is it like to be a cheerleader at Grove City? Were there grueling tryouts where few could pass the test? Well, I am here to tell you […]

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