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John Bini

Baseball Spotlight: John Bini

John Bini Elementary Education Major Class of 2020 Position: Pitcher What has been your favorite baseball memory? The trip every year in the spring to Florida. It’s a long bus ride, about 15 hours, so being able to hang out with the guys on the bus, watching movies, making jokes, and playing games. When we […]

Kyle Beyer

Football Spotlight: Kyle Beyer

Kyle Beyer Class of 2018 Elementary Education/ PreK-4 Major Position: Safety What has been your favorite football memory? Definitely the night game against St. Vincent. We went into the game with a long losing streak. It was a game we knew we could get, and we had a huge crowd. When we won the game, […]

Deion Minor

Football Spotlight: Deion Minor

Deion Minor Class of 2018 Business Management Major Position: Linebacker   What is your favorite Grove City football memory? The Thiel game. I was able to finish my career by winning the Mercer County Cup, and after what we went through for the past few years, it was nice to end with such a high […]


Football Spotlight: Randall LaBrie

Randall LaBrie Class of 2020 Finance Major Position: Quarterback   What has been your favorite football memory? I got an opportunity to become the quarterback and help the team, which was an amazing opportunity to step up. What is unique about Grove City’s football team? I think that it’s a group of guys that really […]


Football Spotlight: Daniel Sedjo

Daniel Sedjo Mechanical Engineering Major Class of 2018 Position: Right Guard What has been your favorite football memory? The Geneva game. That was always a frustrating game to lose in the past. I tore my ACL during the game sophomore year. It was really satisfying to beat them this year. It was finding our identity […]


Men’s Swimming: Brett Gwynn

Brett Gwynn Accounting Major Class of 2018 Butterfly and Sprint Free What has been your favorite swim team memory? The Moraine Park picnic, where we all go and introduce ourselves to the freshmen and we have a good time in the water.  We do a watermelon game where we cover a watermelon in gelatin, we […]


Women’s Golf: Ashley Winters and Molly Arendt

Ashley Winters  Class of 2018 Biology Major Molly Arendt Class of 2019 Marketing Management Major What has been your favorite golf team memory? Ashley: We pranked one kid on the team, we went out to winter the night of PACs (Presidential Athletics Conference), we sang happy birthday to him and he didn’t know that we […]


Reel Life at Grove City College: Sportsmanship

Grove City College excels in sportsmanship. Even though I do not play sports myself, when I was a high-schooler looking at different colleges, the sportsmanship I saw and heard about at Grove City amazed me. I knew I wanted to spend my college years at a place with respect, faith-mindedness, determination, and talent. To my […]

The 2017-2018 GCC Cheer Squad

Cheerleading at Grove City College

As you walk down the hallways of the Physical Learning Center on a Tuesday evening you hear the echoing of girls chanting: “F-I-G-H-T, Fight Wolverines Fight!” So, what is it like to be a cheerleader at Grove City? Were there grueling tryouts where few could pass the test? Well, I am here to tell you […]

24-14 Grove City College Football

A Long-Awaited Celebration

Our football team recently won its first game in over three seasons. To say that my fellow students and I are excited is to say the least. What is truly remarkable about Saturday night’s game is not the long awaited celebration of a win, but rather the passion and excitement that continued before, throughout, and […]

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