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Beautiful Tears with Makoto Fujimura

Learning to see and appreciate beauty more has been one of the greatest joys of my time at Grove City. I had Civilization and the Arts with Dr. Drake my sophomore year, and it was an amazing class. We studied many great works of art and music and I learned the discipline of simply looking, of listening, […]

Robot Parts

Building a Mobile Robot

As part of the mobile robotics class being offered next spring, Grove City engineers are designing a new robot. The hardware looks amazing, with components like National Instruments’ myRio, Garmin’s LIDAR-Lite, an inertial measurement unit, and a GPS. The robot will be equipped to navigate the outdoor world, and it will be up to the […]

Graham Allen

Student Profile: Graham Allen

Graham Allen is a junior Mechanical Engineering major who is known for encouraging and exhorting his peers to use their gifts with excellence in pursuit of Christ and his kingdom. He is a very genuine guy and a lot of fun to be around, and I appreciate his willingness to answer a few questions for […]

Quanser Robot

Minor in Robotics

There is something undeniably exciting about robots. Christians in particular have good reasons to be excited, as well as a unique perspective. Instead of seeing robots as a replacement for the human race, or supposing that the ultimate “upgrade” is electronics hardware and artificial intelligence instead of a new heart1 (Ezekiel 36:26), we believe that the human race […]

SonSet Spring Break 2017

Springbreakers: Engineers and Missions

How can I, as an engineering student, further the work of Christian missions? This is a question I’ve been asking for a while. Last week gave me part of the answer. Spring break began after classes on Friday, March 3, and since I live close to home I was able to visit with my family […]

Alicia VanDerhoof

Student Profile: Alicia VanDerhoof on Growing in Community

Alicia VanDerhoof is a junior English major who recently agreed to sit down for an interview. I wanted to get her perspective on Grove City College because she knows this place well and has committed herself to the community, both on and off campus, and is a generally thoughtful person as well. Why Grove City? […]

2017 March for Life

My First March for Life

I woke up at 3:20 a.m. Not my normal wake-up time, I assure you. But I was meeting six other Grovers in the SAC at 3:45 and wanted to give myself enough time to get ready. It’s been 44 years since Roe v. Wade, and so this past Friday, January 27, was the 44th Annual March […]


A Virtual Way Through the Crowd

Crowds are curious things. As I have navigated many in airports, train stations, and other public places in France this semester, I’ve been surprised at how a path through the crowd that my friend took ahead of me, a few seconds ago, is not necessarily the path I should take. People are moving constantly and […]

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