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AEX Live

AEX Live Campus-Wide Music Event

Of course, most are aware of Greek Life within the Grove City College campus, and yet a significant portion of the groups on campus are very often overlooked. I’m talking about “housing groups.”  Housing groups are groups of men that live together on a single hall, and operate very similarly to the fraternities on campus. […]


The Free Market Cafeteria System

  One of the biggest factors when choosing a college is food. “What is the cafeteria like?” asks almost every family that tours Grove City College. But what most people don’t ask is: “how responsive is the cafeteria?” You see, though it is clearly important to go to a school that serves good food, it’s […]


Annual Arts Festival At Grove City College

The second annual Arts Festival held at Grove City College has swept the campus in a frenzy of creativity. 2015 was the first year when an Arts Festival was held at Grove City College. Comprised of original work from the campus community, the Arts Festival is organized and curated completely by the students of the […]

Tennis Racquet Picturejpg

A Look at PHYE 209, Tennis

Grove City College offers many different Physical Education electives for students to take, such as Volleyball, Bowling, Racquetball and Body Conditioning. My personal favorite gym class, and one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve taken during my four years at Grove City, is Tennis or PHYE 209. I’ve always had a love for tennis, so […]


4 Quick and Easy Dorm Room Recipes

While the cafeterias at Grove City College are great, they have limited hours, just like any cafeteria. When you’re hungry in your dorm room and need a little pick me up, it’s great to be able to whip up something quick right in your room. There are many delicious and easy recipes that only require […]


Eating Healthy at Grove City College

Eating healthy is an extremely important part of living well. Being in college can often bring about negative eating habits, causing students to gain weight such as the “freshman fifteen.” Factors such as stress and lack of time or money to make or buy healthy foods can all add to these bad eating habits. At […]


Picture Perfect Campus

Grove City College is a beautiful campus. From the tall, stained glass windows of Harbison Chapel and the sleek brick and crawling ivy on Mary Anderson Pew to the ornate ironwork on Rainbow Bridge, the campus is filled with many aesthetically pleasing sites. As someone with both an appreciation for beauty and a love of […]

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