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Student Spotlight: Mechanical Engineering and Girl Power

Junior Paige Foley might not fit the mold of your stereotypical engineer, but that’s ok. She can engineer her own. As one of 13 girls out of 65 total Mechanical Engineers in her class, Paige has experienced first-hand the interesting challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field. I was fortunate enough to be […]


Life as a Freshman RA

Freshmen entering their first year of college have quite a few adjustments they encounter. Adapting to the close quarters of dorm lifestyle living where they are surrounded by other people 24/7, realizing exactly what a rigorous academic standard means, and trying to reach their own high expectations can be overwhelming. A helping hand in the […]


How to Find Your Freshman Roommate

So you’ve decided to come to Grove City College. The process is over, you’ve announced your decision to friends and family, and you just submitted your deposit. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Almost. It’s time to start considering the details of your freshman year at Grove City College, one of which is […]


Alumni Stories: An Interview with Savanna Davies

Hello! The following is an interview with one of the greatest friends at made at Grove City College – Savanna Davies. She studied Finance at Grove City College and served as treasurer of the Tri-Zeta Sorority. She was hired after graduation at Traveler’s Insurance and has been working there ever since. If you are interested in studying Finance at Grove […]

Beans on Broad5

Beans on Broad

Every college student loves a good coffee shop. Lucky for you, nestled in the heart of downtown Grove City is a little coffee shop known as Beans on Broad. The local business has become a favorite for Grove City residents and GCC students alike. Serving coffee, tea, pastries, and other foods there’s something for everyone. […]

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