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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mobley

Dr. Jennifer Mobley is a Communication Studies professor and advisor here at Grove City College. She’s taught several classes, including Research Methods, Public Relations, Writing for the Media, Professional Communication. I have taken Research Methods and Public Relations with her, and I can say that I have experienced her unique, hands-on, student-focused teaching style firsthand. […]


What to Know: Breen Student Union

At the heart of the Grove City College campus is the Breen Student Union, a well-used and loved location where students come together. The Student Union is a popular place where students meet for meals, work on projects, and hang out with friends. There are large windows, lots of tables, a small cafeteria that offers […]


Forefront: In Faith We Create

Recently, creatively-minded Christians have produced art that, while not intentionally bad, speaks only to the redeemed. This movement has managed to appeal to Christians but has altogether remained unappealing to those who do not feel welcome to the church. This does not mean the art is bad; again, I think it has tremendous value to […]

Pittsburgh Fellows

The Fellows Initiative: Pursuing Excellence

As a graduating senior, one of the most frightening questions you are faced with is “What comes next?” While you know that the past four years have prepared you for the journey ahead, a little healthy stress may find its way into your  thought process. I had the good fortune of securing what my next step […]

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Crimson & White Society

One of the many things that Grove City College prides itself in is its plethora alumni connections disbursed throughout the United States. Grove City College is one of the few schools in the nation that has a unique relationship with its alumni, and one of the ways that relationship is maintained is through the Crimson […]


Alumni Stories: An Interview with Savanna Davies

Hello! The following is an interview with one of the greatest friends at made at Grove City College – Savanna Davies. She studied Finance at Grove City College and served as treasurer of the Tri-Zeta Sorority. She was hired after graduation at Traveler’s Insurance and has been working there ever since. If you are interested in studying Finance at Grove […]

Beans on Broad5

Beans on Broad

Every college student loves a good coffee shop. Lucky for you, nestled in the heart of downtown Grove City is a little coffee shop known as Beans on Broad. The local business has become a favorite for Grove City residents and GCC students alike. Serving coffee, tea, pastries, and other foods there’s something for everyone. […]


Campus Competition: All-College Sing

Grove City College is an institution that values its history and traditions that have made it into such a noteworthy school. Certain events continue to prove to be campus-wide favorites that bring the students together to celebrate the amazing and talented people on campus. One of these favorite events is All-College Sing. This event takes […]

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